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As we landed into November Kick Off the month by having a wardrobe switch over. I do this for each transition period, so Winter to Spring/Summer and Summer to Autumn/Winter. Mainly because my wardrobe simply isn’t big enough but I also like to have a clear out of sorts, see what I still like, what doesn’t fit anymore and what can be donated. It makes me think about what to keep out as well as becoming a great opportunity to play around with my style. Here are ten ways you can switch up your Summer style. 1. NATURAL FABRICS When it comes to womens clothing we have a plethora of choice for fabrics. In Summer opt for breathable clothing and choose lighter options like linen, cotton and rayon. 2. COLOURS Did you know black clothing can make you hotter? The outer layer of fabric gets hot because the black colour absorbs more heat. So when wearing black make sure the clothing is actually thicker rather than thinner to block it from hitting the body. Alternatively try to wear white or coloured clothing to keep you cooler. 3. LAYERS We can never really rely on the Summer here in the UK so I always make sure to have plenty of layering options; cardigans, t-shirts, denim jackets and a light. 4. DENIM Denim is such a good basic and pretty much works for every season. In Winter I tend to wear black jeans as they pair well with everything, but for Summer I’m opting for lighter denim colours and also different styles, such as roll-up ‘mom’ jeans and ankle grazers. There are some real fun coloured jeans out right now too that would look great with sandals and a vest. Denim is also having a 70s moment again this year with full-length jumpsuits as well as paper-bag skirts and dungarees. 5. WHITE TRAINERS A perfect way to complete an outfit in Summer is a pair of simple white trainers. Comfortable and cute they can transition skirts and culottes and are perfect for days where you don’t want to wear sandals or it’s raining. 6. FLOWING CLOTHING Avoid tight clothing in Summer, choose dresses that have light and flowing fabrics. It doesn’t have to be a floaty floral dress, but just something that has movement so the clothing isn’t too tight on the body which can make you sweat or get too hot. 7. HIGH WAISTED SHORTS If you can’t bare to ditch the high waisted trousers or jeans, then try a high waisted pair of shorts. These look great with cropped t-shirts or tops. 8. PRINTS Floral prints are associated with Summer, but not everything has to be floral. Try a lemon print, stripes or maybe a geometric pattern. 9. SHIRTS It seems simple but a loose shirt can work as a perfect cover up, whether for the beach or just a day walking around. It also stops the shoulders getting burnt and ideal if you are travelling and visiting sacred places, it enables you to easily cover up and afterwards pop in your bag. 10. STATEMENT SANDAL Make a statement with your sandals, whether flat or high heeled this is where you can have fun. Go for a bright coloured pair, something with a slogan or maybe a bit of extra sparkle. A great way to show off your fashion personality this Summer. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase,
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